This Is Your Life  Personal History Services

Each of us likely knows only three, or, if we are lucky, four generations of our family.  It is rare for any of us to know much about the people who came generations before us. Who were our great-great-grandparents? What was important to them? How did they live their lives?

Wouldn’t it be great if our own great-grandchildren could know about us?

This is Your Life Personal History Services can record your story, using your own words, in a format of your choosing. Your story will be told in a caring way which is meaningful to you and your family, and will stand the test of time.

Your Story, Told in your Voice

Audio,  Video or Book?

-You Choose!

  1. -record your story, in your own voice

  1. -tell your story in film, with moving and still pictures

  1. -have your story & photos published in book format

Whatever method you choose, your great-grandkids will thank you for giving them a way to know who their ancestor was.